About Halos

Growing up in Sweden during the 80’s and 90’s, it was hard to find any of the stuff we wanted to get our hands on – like vinyls, sneakers or hats.

We developed a hunger for anything that felt even remotely like hiphop culture.Cassette tapes of Run DMC or early LL. Any type of official sportswear with logos. Subway Art, Transworld Skateboarding and The Source. Superstars or Clydes with fatlaces. Copied VHS tapes of Beverly Hills Cop, Wheels Of Fire, Police Academy, Krush Groove and Trashin’.

Since our teenage years we’ve been working with a DIY ethic – making 12″s, albums, tours, merchandise, videos and artwork influenced by our locally grown version of street culture.

This is us making halos for saints.

/Cosmic, Supreme (Looptroop Rockers) and the Halos crew!